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On the digital side, we created elegant new email templates for tri-monthly email blasts.

Christina Hagopian / August 11, 2014 in Email, Interactive, Our Work, Print 0

When the e-commerce director of Burberry moved to build a new e-commerce division at Frette, a luxury linens manufacturer, she turned to Hagopian Ink to support new cross-channel marketing efforts, and entrusted us with migrating the company’s printing services from Italy to the United States.

Views of email newsletters with images of luxury bedding and models lounging
Our email templates featured an understated design and a combination of sales offers and content hooks to drive traffic to Frette’s website.

A luxurious feel in email and print

On the digital side, we created elegant new email templates for tri-monthly email blasts, which led to a 20% increase in Frette’s online sales. Open rates and traffic to the site also increased with every email blast. To support Frette’s offline marketing efforts, we oversaw everything from the print management of their product catalogs to design/production of their direct mail postcards, for which we were able to maintain the personalized, luxurious feel that is the brand’s signature. We also launched partner campaigns with their interior design and hotel affiliates to increase Frette’s profile.

Close up of a Frette winter sale direct mail piece against a white background.Close up of a Frette white sale direct mail piece against a white background.
We designed direct mail offers to support Frette’s seasonal marketing efforts.
Closeup of Frette gift card and textured envelopeCloseup of Frette gift card
A large number of Frette direct mail pieces and product catalogs against a white background.
Direct mail pieces, gift cards and product catalogs conveyed an image of Italian luxury in keeping with Frette’s brand identity.

Crossing the Atlantic to cut costs

Our biggest creative and logistical challenge was moving all of Frette’s printing services from Italy to the US while maintaining the level of quality the brand was accustomed to and expected. Our efforts reduced the company shipping costs and eliminated time-consuming customs delays in receiving materials, which, in the past, had often slowed down their print campaign launches.

Front covers of three Frette fold-out direct mail pieces featuring bedding collections.Three Frette direct mail pieces, unfolded to show their five-panel layout.
Chic fold-out print pieces showcased Frette’s bedding collections.

See how we also helped Frette with the visual branding for their Escape to Italy campaign.

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