Joseph Robert
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A modern monogram for menswear
Joseph Robert Sommer had a vision for creating a modern, timeless and approachable line of products for men. His plan to develop a full collection of distinguished products including bags, accessories and shoes, required a unique signature mark.
Joseph Robert is a new consumer brand intended to reach men who are fashionable, stylish and sleek. The brand needed to attract men who are also drawn to well-designed products and care about value. Joseph Roberts will launch as a modern, high quality, yet affordable brand with products sold wholesale, on amazon and direct to consumer on Shopify.
We created a brand strategy, new logo mark, pattern and style guide to launch the Joseph Roberts collection. Rich blues, a distinctive symbol, and repeatable pattern allowed for flexibility throughout the brand system. The monogram created a sophisticated, approachable design to apply across the line of men's apparel and accessories.
A masculine seal
The new logo established a unique brand presence using a modern JR monogram. The wordmark and icon created versatility to use both with text or independently as a symbol, allowing for endless possibilities for a branded line of accessories. Logo applications included - stamped in leather, embroidered on apparel, and printed in patterns.
A Modern Monogram
While monograms are a timeless application of two letterforms, reinventing a modern application takes care and craft. The logo for Joseph Robert has both strength and energy with the J and R reaching and expanding beyond the limits of its boundaries - just like every successful man must do in life. That reach and expansion is what defines the Joseph Robert brand.
Balance and harmony
Maintaining a balance in the spacing of the logo allows each element of the mark to create a sense of symmetry and harmony. The circle frame creates unity while the strong horizontal lines of the J and R letterforms interrupt the shape in an interlocking modern twist.
Good design is good business.

From the outset, your painstaking work to understand every nuance of the business produced beautiful designs that represent our vision. The process became the sounding board that every new venture needs. You continue to be a great asset to our mission.
Alexis Repole
CEO, Aleka Classics
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