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The New Burberry Logo: I Hate It! But Wait…

    A proud time in the early days of Hagopian Ink was working with Burberry as an ongoing client —a legendary luxury brand that meticulously curated every detail of their image. We worked for several years creating their early emails and banner ads, (above) along with revising their web concepts. We appreciated their keen …

Sean / September 13, 2018 in Design + Business, Journal 0

5 Luxury Brand Marketing Must-Reads

It’s no secret that marketing a luxury brand is different than marketing to the masses. Luxury products aren’t just products—they’re symbols of an elite lifestyle. And the point of differentiation isn’t focused on features or solutions to a problem—it’s focused on quality, opulence, exceptional performance, timelessness, and of course, prestige. We’ve worked with numerous luxury …

Sean / July 2, 2018 in Design + Business, Journal 0

Grow Your Email List FAST With Marketing Contests

“I have enough names on my email list” said no one ever. A brand’s email list is like gold, and the more names on it, the better, because the sales funnel relies on people knowing about your products and keeping them front of mind. Building an email marketing list requires user permission, and getting that …

Sean / March 21, 2018 in Design + Business, Journal 0

What Every Luxury Brand Marketer Should Know

According to McKinsey & Company, nearly 50% of luxury goods buying decisions are influenced by what consumers hear or see online. That means your brand needs to get smart and strategic about your digital marketing strategy—and fast. Unlike mass marketing, luxury brands do not rely solely on capturing all available market share. Instead, they have …

Sean / March 5, 2018 in Design + Business, Journal 0

Our Top 6 Tips for Holiday Luxury Brand Marketing

Valentine’s Day Edition There’s a rhythm to luxury brand marketing. Gift-giving holidays–like Valentine’s Day and Christmas; Fall and Spring Collections; and the Resort season are essential bookmarks in the marketing calendar for luxury products. Depending on your product line, you may have other business cycles too. It’s critically important to pay close attention to when …

Sean / February 14, 2018 in Design + Business, Journal 0

Forbes: How We Learned The Real Secrets To Effective Email Marketing

How Did Hagopian Ink Evolve Into Email Design Experts? When I started my career as a graphic designer, I never imagined that the focus of my work would be email marketing. Like most people living in the digital era, I have never uttered the phrase, “I wish I got more email.” Even my husband has …

Sean / December 12, 2017 in Design + Business, Journal 0

Luxury invitations for Montefiore Gala Win Bronze

Luxury invitations for a black tie affair Our Gala invitations just won Bronze, receiving accolades for direct mail design by the 2017 Healthcare Marketing IMPACT Awards, presented by Modern Healthcare and Advertising Age. We are honored and proud of our ongoing partnership with Montefiore. This is the second year in a row for a win …

Sean / December 1, 2017 in Design + Business, Journal 0
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From the outset, your painstaking work to understand every nuance of the business produced beautiful designs that represent our vision. The process became the sounding board that every new venture needs. You continue to be a great asset to our mission.
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