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February 11, 2020
Author: Christina Hagopian

Email Design Best Practices | Needle Movement Podcast

A conversation with Stephen Carl and Christina Hagopian

Episode Summary

During this episode, guest Christina Hagopian, the president and creative director of Hagopian Ink, an email design studio that has worked with big brands such as Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz and Lancome geeks out with us on her favorite tactics for email automation, how subscription eCommerce has evolved and how marketers can break through the noise of a crowded email inbox.



  • [2:35] The origins of Christina Hagopian’s agency and how her company evolved into providing email marketing services for luxury and lifestyle brands.

  • [6:01] What are most brands doing wrong in their email campaigns?

  • [10:15] How subscriber engagement impacts email deliverability and reputation score.

  • [10:45] Stephen and Christina discuss email win-back campaigns and how to strategize the content for those.

  • [15:01] What’s happening with subscription eCommerce and the next wave of companies using subscriptions.  How subscriptions has evolved from being only subscription boxes to expanding into areas such as digital products. Examples including Adobe Cloud and AfterPay.

  • [18:50] What is a “considered purchase” and how these types of product cater to nurture and education campaigns over email?

  • [20:49] Christina walks through a welcome series sequence and what each email would contain. Suggested content tactics for each welcome series email.

  • [23:40] The tools that Christina is using with client and being platform-agnostic. And her recommended tools for testing emails across email clients and providers.

  • [27:20] Email nurture and education campaigns on eCommerce email.

  • [29:25] How to break through the noise of a crowded inbox?  Her tactics of delivering value, excitement and inspiring conversation with the subscriber.

  • [32:00] The philosophy of “surprise and delight” in email marketing including Happy Birthday and Anniversary emails.

  • [35:55] Examples of smart mail including preference centers and using click data to deliver advanced personalization in email strategy.

  • [37:20] Discussion of SMS marketing versus email in eCommerce. Christina discusses cross-channel messaging.

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“We always recommend that brands look at email as this two-way dialogue and not this one-sided conversation where you’re just throwing out information, right?

So we try to discover what are the frequently asked questions about your product and begin to develop a content strategy around that. And think about their specific customer journey.

It’s really the exact same thing when you’re trying to sell something through either your website or through the phone or through the mail or any other channel. Email is just your tool. So you have to replicate that sales cycle and address every point through your email messaging.”

– Christina Hagopian 



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