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December 29, 2018
Author: Christina Hagopian

Relaunching Our Agency Website | Thrive Podcast

Award Winning Website development lessons from Hagopian Ink

On this episode of THRIVE—sponsored by Workamajig—I chat with Kelly Campbell, my good friend and Agency Scaler here in New York. I shared my experience in redesigning our website this past year. We cover the importance of making ourselves a client, and I share lessons and takeaways from the process.

  • What drove your decision to relaunch
  • You’re a brilliant designer. Why was it important to hire a designer and take the role of CD for your own site?
  • What were a couple of your biggest challenges in terms of looking objectively at the project?
  • How did you schedule the work as if Hagopian Ink was a client of yours?
  • What could you or would you have done differently?
  • What were the two biggest lessons or takeaways from your experience?


Watch and listen now:

EP 36: Relaunching Your Agency Website, with Christina Hagopian from THRIVE: Your Agency Resource on Vimeo.


“Design has to function and design has to lead to action. It’s important to think strategically about your intended audience. What is going to differentiate you? How are you speaking to them and guiding them?”  – Christina Hagopian 


Thrive Podcast Christina Hagopian and Kelly Campbell

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