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February 2, 2022
Author: Christina Hagopian

Christina Hagopian – 41 Email Experts on Email Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2022

Collaboration with Email Uplers

Extra pleased to be in the good company of 41 #emailexperts who unveil predictions and #emailtrends for 2022 with Email Uplers.

My vision for the year ahead for Email Marketing in 2022:

  • The pandemic has increased online shopping behaviors and digital communication. Brands will be actively bringing the in-store or in-person experience to email. Design and craft messages with this in mind.What concierge services or conversations can you have with your audience to deepen the customer relationship? What are their specific needs? How can we add value and engagement digitally?


  • Personalization becomes a must now and table stakes for email. Review what products each subscriber has bought or abandoned previously. What complementary product would they be interested in next? Marketers will guide them.Upsell and abandoned cart messages must be designed with personalized recommendations and automated AI assistance.


  • Big privacy changes will affect open rates and click engagement metrics will be even more critical.What products are your subscribers clicking on? What content areas are of interest? Analyze and evaluate every click with detail.


  • Multi-channel integration will continue to magnify your email messagesSend SMS and social messages that complement your emails for increased conversions. Encourage and incentivize social followers to be email subscribers. Make email messaging the star with supporting players.


  • Some elements of email marketing are timeless – including crafting thoughtful designs with a consistent brand image and an ease in usability, and never go out of style.Clear CTAs with engaging imagery, animation and simple messaging force you to forget the trends and go back to tried and true tactics that work, year after year. There is a reason email is the #1 ROI among all channels. Send consistently and frequently in 2022 and beyond.See all the trends and expert advice on Email Uplers.

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