Owl Labs
A wise logo for emerging technology
As a new business venture, Owl Labs had a noble mission: to transform the typical, frustrating video conference into an inclusive, effective thing of beauty.
Our goal was to create a unique and memorable mark for Owl Labs to help propel the business in the direction of growth and expansion.
Our owl “mascot” is a flat, modern icon to work with both Owl Labs, the parent company, and Meeting Owl, the product itself. The owl is perched upon the typography to create a lockup, but also acts as standalone marker for the company. A repeating pattern of the owl’s wings emulated feathers or an intertwined braid, communicated interconnectivity. Pops of yellow and teal add energy for their younger, tech-based audience.
A modern take on the wise owl
The new mark and brand system created a platform for Owl Labs to raise capital, gain corporate accounts and grow business.
The Owl Labs Owl
Is it an owl or a penguin?!
During our final stages of delivering the Owl Labs logo, the CEO sent a late night message in a panic needing reassurance that our black and white bird looked more like an owl than a penguin. We understand how important details are in creating a simple logo. The small decisions on placement and proportion are even more important when a mark is simple. We replied by gathering a collection of owl logos and penguin logos to assure Owl Labs we had indeed created a distinctive owl together!
Good design is good business.
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Hagopian Ink helped us craft a brand that is both approachable and high tech – a perfect reflection of our product! We're in love with our logo and we know our customers will be too.
Rebecca Corliss
VP Marketing, Owl Labs
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