Christopher Street Financial
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Financial security for all.
Christopher Street Financial was established as the first investment and financial services firm committed to serving the gay, lesbian and supportive community. As a strong LGBQT+ ally, we were motivated by the company's mission to support diversity in their investment advisory and promote financial independence for all.
The new logo needed to represent the transformative advisory services and initiatives in development. The mark must communicate the brand attributes defined together including trust, warmth, progressive, guidance and authenticity.
The new mark focuses on the landmark historical location of Christopher Street as the epicenter of the gay liberation movement. The map of the site along with the progressive color palette illustrate the financial advisory as a trusted leader for the diverse community it serves.
A legacy of trust and guidance
The heritage of Christopher Street as a location is an important part of the firm’s history. The map of the street intersection also alludes to the importance of giving direction and guidance in financial advisory. Christopher Street Financial continues to lead their clients with trust and partnership.
Good design is good business.

We are pleased with the work and have been receiving positive feedback from clients, vendors and prospects on the new logo and branding.
Dave Veber
COO and Co-Founder
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