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Re-engaging an inactive email audience
Audible, the largest seller and producer of spoken audio media, needed a partner to perform all elements of front-end campaign development for their pre-lapse email series and trusted Hagopian Ink to get the job done.
Audible knew that if a new member doesn’t listen to their first audio book within a certain period of time, they are much more likely to cancel their subscription. Our goal was to help re-engage new subscribers who were not listening to their new audio books, help them find another book or guide them to find new ways to listen.
We created messaging by appealing to the unique benefits of Audible and created emotional connections. Hagopian Ink collaborated with Audible’s digital marketing team to complete email templates for this vital series.
Increase active subscribers, decrease cancellation.
The re-engagement series was essential to decreasing cancellation and increasing subscribers who thoroughly enjoy listening to their audio books on an ongoing basis. Prompts to stimulate usage through the email flow encouraged subscriptions to stay in force.
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Understanding the
life-cycle of an email subscriber
Defining your customer journey and creating targeted messages to address each life-stage is essential for your subscription emails. The emails created for Audible addressed the 4th stage - Reactivating a waning audience.

1. Acquisition
• Acquire more subscribers

2. Conversion
• Convert subscribers into buyers
• Convert cart abandoners into buyers
• Convert one time buyers into loyal, repeat buyers

3. Retention
• Increase lifetime value of each subscriber

4. Reactivation
• Reactivate lapsed subscribers or buyers
Good design is good business.

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