Black Lives Matter Canada
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Drive to donate.
Call for change.
Black Lives Matter Canada is growing their donor base to further fund their important mission. The organization needed a timely way to thank current donors, activate new donors and encourage ongoing support through a comprehensive email program. As strong allies, we wanted to be a part of the cause for change.
Black Lives Matter Canada needed a comprehensive strategic plan and a system of messages to help raise additional funds. Email was an essential tool to illustrate where the money was going and properly thank each donor for their contribution to the cause.
We composed messages together that promoted action to achieve the goal of additional fundraising. Automated emails were created for a welcome series, donor thank you series, and a weekly Black Friday series. We shared how the money will be used, informed on the work still needed, created announcements for new initiatives and showcased community events.
Empower, unify and inspire change
As a young organization, we set up the email program for long term success through a system of templates and email automations. All of our messages were crafted in the right tone to increase action for Black Lives Matter Canada - empowering, honest, current, aspirational and unified. A donor sent a six figure gift within the first month of of the program.
Thanking your donors.
The most important part of gift acknowledgement for any nonprofit is to thank your donors promptly and sincerely. Be sure to answer the unspoken question that every donor has, “What have you done with my money?” Illustrate how generous giving has resulted in the support for so many. Always try to bring in the stories behind the story and the personal impact for the community. Communicate how their ongoing donations make your collective work possible.
Good design is good business.

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Dana Inkster
President & CEO
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