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Clean beauty is
calm beauty.
LoumBeauty.com launched with a goal to be the first complete skincare line to reverse the effects of stress on skin. The website needed to act as the leading tool to sell their line of unique products and it was falling short in conversions. Our job was to clarify the complex brand story, connect with their audience and solve Loum's UX challenges.
Several findings were determined to be causing user confusion, a high bounce rate and lack of clarity through recent research. Our goal was to improve both the brand story and the usability of the site by implementing several key strategic design and messaging changes.
We reviewed the research findings and drafted new copy to better explain the company, products and vision. We evolved the brand messaging and brand voice to better communicate with Loum's audience and create an emotional connection.
Clarifying a complex brand story
We created a comprehensive digital experience focusing on usability best practices, intuitive navigation, and a seamless customer experience for both mobile and desktop devices. We illustrated the effects of stress on skin visually and highlighted how Loum's key ingredients and formulas provide undeniable benefits. The new simplified messaging and imagery communicated serenity with clarity.
Messaging transformed
The New Loum Beauty Brand Story
We simplified the language used to describe the brand with new illustrations, charts and a brand voice manifesto. These elements communicated the complex science behind the products in an easy to understand way. The new Loum manifesto included these concepts, simplified:

Think of us as an “OM” in a jar

We believe in moments of calm,
for well-being
for health and happiness
for ourselves and our communities

We understand how mind affects skin
And skin affects mind
And share that science
To uplift, inspire, and empower

We advocate to build better, more beautiful lives
For the millions affected by stress and burnout.
Our mission is to spread LOUMinosity to all.
Good design is good business.

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