Fresh Ink

June 21, 2014
Author: Christina Hagopian

It’s Summer Solstice!

Sunny Print Promotion Brings Cheer

The solstice means summer has finally arrived! We sent out Hagopian Ink solstice suncatchers to our clients, friends and colleagues, and many were kind enough to take photos of them hanging in their windows. These beautiful die-cut pieces were designed by Gina Capozza.

close-up view of suncatchers showing die-cut shapes and yellow insert
These die-cut cards turn the Hagopian Ink logo into a mandala design.
Suncatcher in window in Sunnyside NY
Photo by Andre Pennycooke, Window: Sunnyside, NY
close-up of suncatcher in Sunnyside New York
Detail view by Andre Pennycooke, Window: Sunnyside, NY
photo of suncatcher in window with blue sky and modern buildings in San Francisco
Gregory Baker sends us this shot of his window from San Francisco.
Suncatcher in window with brick building in background in New York City
Joey Kirkman sends this shot from the Upper East Side, 78th St/York, New York.
Suncatcher in window with modern building across the street in the background
Zach Smith sends us regards from Broadway and 46th St, New York.
Suncatcher in window with trees and houses in the background in Bloomfield NJ
Dani Kennedy and Peter Kennedy’s window in Bloomfield, NJ.
Suncatcher in window with trees outside in Jamaica Plain Massachussetts
Christopher Graefe’s suncatcher brightens up Jamaica Plain, MA.
Suncatcher in window of porch with trees in background in Champaign Illinois
Eric Benson’s suncatcher overlooks a green porch in Champaign, IL.
Suncatcher in window with fire escape and brick buildings in background in Brooklyn
Jason Gardner’s suncatcher overlooks the fire escape in Brooklyn, NY
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