Fresh Ink

January 3, 2015
Author: Christina Hagopian

Martafy: Personality-Driven Visual Branding

Edgy, bold design sparks client interest

Marta Kagan wanted visual branding that captured her enthusiastic and irreverent approach to helping clients create memorable presentations. Using bold colors and large type, we created an eye-catching and logo and business card design that playfully slapped recipients in the face with personality and served up the philosophy behind one edgy tagline at a time.

Snapshot of the Martafy Facebook page
The edgy, bold visual branding was carried over to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

“Hagopian Ink created my identity and website when I first started my business,” Marta said. “Having a strong, unique design right out of the gate gave me a greater sense of professionalism and confidence. It helps me define and reach out to my target market. The bold colours and big type mirrors my approach to coaching and presentation design, and it’s definitely sparked interest in my services.”

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