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December 12, 2017
Author: Christina Hagopian

Forbes: How We Learned The Real Secrets To Effective Email Marketing

The recipe for email success

How Did Hagopian Ink Evolve Into Email Design Experts?

When I started my career as a graphic designer, I never imagined that the focus of my work would be email marketing. Like most people living in the digital era, I have never uttered the phrase, “I wish I got more email.” Even my husband has accused me (lovingly) of designing SPAM for a living. And I always remind him the importance of opt-ins!

But here’s the truth: email remains one of the most scalable, affordable marketing channels—and the one with the highest ROI. Better still, email is delightfully measurable. Which makes optimizing campaigns and driving the cost of customer acquisition down far easier than other channels. And as a designer, I have to admit loving the challenge of making the “ugly cousin” of sexier marketing channels as beautiful—and way more effective!—than all of them combined

That said, it hasn’t always been easy. The secret sauce that goes into building a valuable, active email list that drives engagement, sales, and brand loyalty—and doesn’t get your labeled a nasty little SPAMmer—is more elusive than you would think. But after creating hundreds of campaigns for clients like Pepsi, Sesame Street, Burberry, and La Perla, we’ve learned a thing or two about successful email marketing.

Here’s our secret recipe for success, fresh from the trenches.

1. Build your list the “opt-in” way.
2. Don’t dance with the SPAM devil
3. Automate your emails
4. Optimize for mobile
5. Make it personal, local & timely!



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