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Meet a Mentor: Julia Pimsleur

I’ve been so fortunate to have many business mentors over the years. As a member of EO Accelerators, a mentoring group for entrepreneurs, I’ve had the privilege to learn from their head chair Julia Pimsleur. She’s the cofounder and CEO of Little Pim, makers of interactive software that teaches children language skills. Recently, she invited …

Christina Hagopian / September 20, 2014 in Design + Business, Journal 0

Beautiful paper + letterpress at the ADC Paper Expo

[vimeo id=”94696155″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”1760″]Video: Time-lapse view of the ADC Paper Expo, courtesy ADC Global. Nothing’s more inspiring than a sheaf of rainbow-hued, textured paper stocks. Video: A letterpress demonstration produces a fresh print from a hand-lettered original.

Christina Hagopian / May 8, 2014 in Journal, Studio News 0

Happy 365

As traditional “Happy Holiday” cards flooded into the office we were bombarded with greetings and warm wishes all at one time. With the holiday spirit in mind Hagopian Ink planned to spread our greetings of joy and happiness all year long. We combined a digital and analogue solution to wish our clients and friends Happy …

Sean / December 15, 2013 in Design + Business, Journal 0

Todd & Duncan Photoshoot

Product photos for the Todd & Duncan e-commerce website are taken against a white background. Photography for catalogs and e-commerce, as opposed to editorial shots, needs to showcase the product with bright, even lighting, and focus on the single product versus a complete suggested outfit. Pictures are taken at very high resolution using digital cameras, …

Christina Hagopian / August 1, 2013 in Journal, Studio News 0


12.21.12 Is it a date predicting the end of the world as we know it? Or is it a start of a prosperous new era?! Many astrologers and historians have debated this topic according to Mayan calendar predictions. We illustrated this once-in-a-5125-year occasion with a special holiday promotion for all our clients, colleagues, friends and …

Sean / December 12, 2012 in Design + Business, Journal 0
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From the outset, your painstaking work to understand every nuance of the business produced beautiful designs that represent our vision. The process became the sounding board that every new venture needs. You continue to be a great asset to our mission.
Alexis Repole
CEO, Aleka Classics
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