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March 31, 2016
Author: Christina Hagopian

Fearlessly Stomping In

Thoughts on Women Owned Businesses

A like-minded colleague and mentor sent me this quote after we discussed our place running women owned businesses. It resonated with me as it highlights what I have always believed. Today marks the end of March and the close of Women’s History Month and it sparks the question – professionally, where are we as women? Have we really advanced?

Thoughts on Women Owned Businesses

I recently sat down with a group of accomplished female entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges we face in our fields. We deciphered why, consequently, so few of our female counterparts have reached the 1-million dollar annual revenue mark. What is stopping them? My friend and colleague, Jean Tang summarized our dialogue in a 3-part series for her Forbes column.

War stories about how others perceive us controlled the conversation. I thought more about why we still have these exchanges at all. What are the REAL challenges as women business owners? Is it true that women are not as confident in growing businesses to a higher level? Are women held back by the lack of funding and VC capital? Are women more adverse in taking risks than our male counterparts?

I do not believe any of this. I am surrounded by successful women reaching multi-million dollar revenue streams in my EO, Entrepreneur Organization and Accelerator networks. Strength and leadership arises in the form of confidence and delegation.

When it comes to our business ownership, it isn’t about leaning in. It is about fearlessly stomping in.


This video from AdWeek recently made the rounds in my creative circle on social media. In listening to these voices, I related only in the fact that this structure still exists and the ceiling is out there. I feel I opted out of this male-dominated corporate ladder because I’m my own boss-lady. My limitations in achievement are in my own business’ performance, relationships I build, or my ability to sell to clients and prospects.

After 13 years in business, it still amazes me every time I’m underestimated and it knocks me back. I often laugh and can’t believe condescending statements are made that would never be stated if I were a man. But it’s our own responsibility to disallow these belittling remarks, refuse to accept “NO” as an answer or allow a closed door to define us. I do not default to gender as the excuse or reason. Without believing there is a disparity, there really are no limits.

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