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August 21, 2018
Author: Christina Hagopian

7 Luxury Jewelry Websites We Love

Seven Luxury Jewelry Websites We Love

How do you make a luxury jewelry brand a luxury website? By delivering design, ease of use, and customer experience equal to the quality of service that happens when someone walks into a bricks-and-mortar store.

At Hagopian Ink we have a real sweet spot for helping luxury jewelry brands make a dent in the universe. From email marketing campaigns that increase conversions to elegant e-commerce sites that make potential customers swoon, we’ve “been around the block.”

So today we thought we’d share some of our FAVORITE luxury jewelry brand sites — both the iconic brands that have set the bar for decades and the newcomers who are paving the way for a new “digital” era of luxury jewelry e-commerce.




Tiffany and Co Engagement Ring

The quintessential solitaire engagement ring from Tiffany & Co, with the signature robin’s egg blue background.


Every jewelry designer and brand is following Tiffany for best practices. The brand is iconic and infinitely recognizable. That little blue box alone is enough to make a jewelry lover swoon!

The brand website honors the brand equity they’ve built over the years, starting with the color palette that signals “You’re at Tiffany & Co.” right from the get-go.

To add to the online “luxury” experience, offers a concierge service along with guides and advice to make selecting the perfect gift a breeze. From high-end home products to personalized milestone gifts, Tiffany & Co.  deliver a trusted, luxury experience both offline—and on.





David Yurman website
Through a combination of evocative photography and storytelling, delivers wow.


David Yurman’s unique designs started at his workbench and exploded from there. Pearls have always been a centerpiece of his pieces, and they couldn’t be more beautiful. His cable bracelets made his name, and they are just as popular as when they first launched.

The David Yurman website offers free shipping, and, an especially welcome touch, a 10% discount for military families. Of course, as you would expect from any luxury site, you can speak with a customer care specialist if you have any questions.





Understated design, wide open spaces and classic typography are the hallmarks of Harry Winston’s online presence.




Harry Winston is a legend not only for donating the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958 (after owning it for a decade), but for being one of the most prominent jewelers in the world — even being referenced by icon Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 musical film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


This iconic song from the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes features Marilyn Monroe asking Harry Winston to “talk to” her.


Known for setting trends (like lending diamonds to an actress for the Academy Awards, Harry Winston’s legacy lives on (and continues to evolve) in the digital realm.




With an emphasis on understated design, classic typography, and wide open spaces, tastefully spotlights the product (and the brand) with an elegant simplicity.






Beautiful pieces and easy-access to personalized service are the hallmarks of Bulgari’s online presence.


Bulgari is synonymous with high-end, dramatic jewelry. And their website reflects that.  From colorful chunky bracelets to delicate engagement rings, Bulgari hits all the right notes.  

Their customer care section includes personalized recommendations and easy-to-find contact info.

And if you want to take your Bulgari experience to the real world, check out their latest offering–spa hotels and resorts. Now that’s luxury. (






Blue Nile is arguably the world’s largest Internet retailer of diamond jewelry. When they began selling diamond engagement rings online in 1999,  they literally laid the foundation for the entire online luxury jewelry market.

Though they’ve seen a fair amount of competitors challenge their “we came first” status over the years, they seem to have nailed the process of efficiently personalizing and shipping a high-price, highly-emotional purchase.

What we love about Blue Nile’s website is the emphasis on product hero shots (and details) over branding—a smart move for a company that enables customers to purchase jewelry from a huge array of brands, without needing a “middle man.”


Blue Nile’s minimally branded website and clean photography showcases product over brand.

They’ve also done an excellent job of using clean navigation and handy shopping filters to make the search/browse capability of the site  extra user-friendly.


Clean navigation and multiple filters enable Blue Nile customers to find exactly what they want with minimal effort.



Todd Reed has built a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind, hand-forged luxury jewelry pieces using recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds. And the brand website reflects that reputation with its minimal navigation, deeply evocative messaging, and branded category headers.


Todd Reed Jewelry
Minimal navigation, branded category headers, and evocative messaging bring the brand to life.

But there’s even more to love about, from a brand marketer’s perspective — the related product and cross-selling modules are cleverly designed to encourage extensive browsing and surface products that a simple search might not have revealed.


Todd Reed Cross-Sell Pages
Related product options create up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.




Eva Fehren is a luxury jewelry designer who “draws inspiration from the city’s geometric urban patterns and architectural elements—like the Chrysler Building, the criss-crossing of power lines and the intricate patterns of cracked sidewalks.”

While the design aesthetic is intended to encourage customers to build looks that are personally relevant and unique to them, the website leans on clean photography, layout and minimal use of color to make each piece pop.


Clean photography, layout, and minimal use of color are hallmarks of the Eva Fehren design aesthetic online.

At Hagopian Ink, we specialize in luxury branding and e-commerce. Take a look at our client list and case studies to see what we could do for your company’s brand.


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