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Hagopian Ink was a proud partner and sponsor of 2017 TEDx Asbury Park IDENTITY Conference – a day of live talks and entertainment on the stories that make us who we are.

As a partner and sponsor, we created the program for all attendees at the event.

We supported Rob Van Varick’s talk on “Emotional Connections in Design”. Rob is a partner at the renowned firm, Michael Graves Architecture & Design and passionately believes that design has the power to positively impact people’s lives (we wholeheartedly agree!). His talk focused on applying the right blend of research, psychology, creativity and strategy to identify root causes, allowing the best solution to be designed.

In collaboration with our friend and fellow sponsor By & Large, we expanded on the branding created for the IDENTITY conference. The ‘connect the dots’ concept is utilized throughout, symbolizing a unique path that we all follow while establishing who we are. The bold red and black TED branding remains, but the graphic application of elements are unique to TEDx Asbury.

Our vantage with Rob Van Varick on stage.


TEDx Asbury gathers together thought leaders in technology, science, gender, business and art. A unique lineup of speakers will share with the audience how identity shapes perceptions and reality.

TEDx Asbury is a self-organizing annual event dedicated to education, community, innovation, and “ideas worth spreading.” Each year, a different theme is chosen to build the day of nonfiction theater. Hundreds of business and nonprofit leaders, students from local universities and sponsors plan, manage and fund the all-day event.


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