Winter Solstice Luminous Light Catcher

Bringing joy and light on the shortest day of the year

Christina Hagopian  /   Dec 22, 2014  in  Design + Business    

The astronomical event, Winter Solstice celebrates the longest night of the year. We created a design that highlights the colors and shapes of the season with a luminous light catcher/ornament and minty gift package. 


We designed our Winter Solstice card in cool, icy blue tones with a snowflake graphic. Our company logo, the Hagopian Ink drop icon was the foundation the shape. Translucent colored paper centered the die-cut. When detached on the perforation and suspended, the die cut allows light to glow and shine through. They act as both a light catcher and an ornament to celebrate the holidays. Mints accompany the card in translucent Plexiglas snowflake box filled with cool mints. The result is a creative promotional mailer to share with all our friends, clients and colleagues as a seasonal gift. 


Our friends and colleagues sent us photos of their light catchers in action! We were happy to spread the cheer and to see our designs come to life.

Christina Hagopian

Creative Director and President Christina Hagopian is known for her hands-on, approachable and meticulous approach, becoming a trusted resource to her clients, collaborators and contemporaries since launching Hagopian Ink in 2002.Christina holds a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University. With 20 years of experience, Christina is an active and well-respected contributor to the New York City design and entrepreneur communities.

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