The Ink turns 13

We are officially a teenager full of attitude!

Christina Hagopian  /   Sep 1, 2015  in  Studio News    

I find it hard to believe 13 years have gone by.

I started my company out of my bedroom in my family’s summer home on Cape Cod at the age of 28 with just a phone, laptop and printer. It was a transition time in life, after losing my job at Razorfish as the dot com era crumbled. I had a choice to either get another agency job or try my hand as a freelancer. With my severance check in hand, I decided I had nothing to lose. I moved to New York City a year later after winning Esteé Lauder as a major contract.

The company has grown exponentially since that time. I now have up to 12 freelancers working with me at a time and continue to enjoy our client collaborations and partnerships. I am thankful I took that chance 13 years ago. I look forward to the next 13.

Christina Hagopian

Creative Director and President Christina Hagopian is known for her hands-on, approachable and meticulous approach, becoming a trusted resource to her clients, collaborators and contemporaries since launching Hagopian Ink in 2002.Christina holds a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University. With 20 years of experience, Christina is an active and well-respected contributor to the New York City design and entrepreneur communities.

Creative Directing a Fall 2015 photo shoot
Creative Directing a Fall 2015 photo shoot for our new client, Cuddl Duds

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