Luxury Business Cards

Showcasing our love for print

Christina Hagopian  /   Mar 30, 2017  in  Studio News    

Luxury business cards

We recently designed and printed new business cards for the Hagopian Ink team, showcasing our love for luxury print processes. We used 100% cotton CRANE’S LETTRA® Paper, which has the feel of fabric and the look of hand made art paper. It is a thick cotton stock that is durable yet elegant. The cards printed digitally, with 2 sided boards pasted together for a double-thick weight. Each side featured gold foil stamping, as well as gilded edges. The design showcased three different ink patterns on the back of each card, reminiscent of fine Italian marbled papers and highlight our business tagline, “Creative Campaigns That Drive Results.” Some of the patterns were also used on our most recent Thanksgiving card promotion.

We love the reaction the cards receive, commanding immediate attention as soon as we share them at new business meetings and with fellow colleagues.

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“Marbling and gold foil stamping is a combination I can look at all day, every day… Add gold-edging and I’m stuck on repeat.” – Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Editor of FPO and co-founder of UnderConsideration LLC


“Designers have already woken up to the benefits of digital printing, but have yet to fully appreciate just how individualistic and handmade digital pieces can be made to seem. Using fingertip-pleasing papers such as Neenah’s Crane’s Lettra for Digital is an excellent way to combine the best of both worlds.”

luxury business cards
Each card was printed digitally with a 4-color process first, before heading to finishing for trim, foil stamping, pasting and gilding. Our behind the scenes photo illustrate the three different back designs after the first step.

luxury business cards

A modern design gilded in gold

luxury business cardsluxury business cards

luxury business cards

Christina Hagopian

Creative Director and President Christina Hagopian is known for her hands-on, approachable and meticulous approach, becoming a trusted resource to her clients, collaborators and contemporaries since launching Hagopian Ink in 2002.Christina holds a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University. With 20 years of experience, Christina is an active and well-respected contributor to the New York City design and entrepreneur communities.

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