Holiday Card Designs for Law Firm, Greenspun Shapiro

Cards celebrating peace and justice

Christina Hagopian  /   Dec 8, 2015  in  Design + Business    

Greenspun Shapiro, a northern Virginia based law firm, is a long-time client of ours. They look to us to help their company stand out in the crowded holiday mailbox. This year, we were tasked with creating a holiday card that “sparkled”. We chose Mohawk Loop Snow 110b cover paper with a shiny gold foil stamp for contrast. The result is a warm winter greeting for Greenspan’s clients and colleagues.

Holiday Card for Greenspun Shapiro
Additional card designs presented as options for approval.

This year’s design is a contrast to the past where we created a series inspired by the Quotable cards collection. We enjoy creating these holiday cards year after year and it is a fun challenge to find new, graphic solutions. We appreciate that Greenspun Shapiro has a modern perspective and inspires us to sharply differentiates their image from a typical law firm.

Law firm Holiday Card for Greenspun Shapiro
Law firm Holiday Card for Greenspun Shapiro
Law firm Holiday Card for Greenspun Shapiro
Famous quotes relating to peace and justice created an impactful series for law firm, Greenspun Shapiro.

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