Lancôme: House of Color Facebook App

An interactive experience that marries the refined aesthetic of the Lancôme brand with fresh, sexy energy.

Christina Hagopian / August 8, 2014 in Interactive, Our Work 0

The global luxury makeup brand Lancôme Paris is known for its prestigious skin care, fragrance and makeup collections. When Lancôme launched a new eye brightening color palette product with a multi-channel campaign, they knew they needed to increase the brand’s interactive appeal to a youthful, social media savvy audience of consumers. Hagopian Ink, in collaboration with Analog Method, was there to help them meet that goal.

The Lancôme House Of Color Facebook app as viewed on desktop and laptop computers
The House of Color Facebook application included embedded calls to action to increase viewer engagement with the product line and the brand.
Screen shot of the Lancôme House of Color Facebook application featuring the magic mirror interface
The ‘Magic Mirror’ allowed users to experiment with applying Lancôme’s new eyeshadow line to their photos and to share the results with friends.

Interactivity to build social engagement

Our creative mandate was to develop an interactive experience through Facebook and a QR code that married the refined luxury aesthetic of the Lancôme brand with a sense of fresh, sexy energy. To achieve this, we used colors, mood and user experience design that were vibrant and sophisticated and shared the same palette as the makeup compact itself.

The Facebook House of Color Magic Mirror app allowed users to virtually experiment with Lancôme’s new cosmetic offering. Working with their own photos, users were able to adjust, refine and play with new makeup looks and share those images with their Facebook friends. We wanted the user to be immediately attracted and engaged by the app and form an emotional connection to the product as they played with it.

We used color, texture and restrained design sensibility to create an immersive, interactive user experience that gave a new generation of Lancôme customers a sense of the brand’s grand drama and reinforced its luxury positioning.

A smashing sales success

Since launch, House of Color Facebook Likes have grown to more than 2.93 million. As a result, Lancôme has generated extensive online sales and sold out of many of the palettes during their first month on the market.

Close up image of a model and a rose with a blurred Eiffel Tower in the backgroundLancome QR code featuring their rose logo design
A custom QR code was designed to increase mobile engagement among young consumers.

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