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Twee Yoga

Socially Conscious Visual Branding
to Spur Global Growth

When renowned yoga instructor Twee Merrigan wanted to take her Spiritual Globalization tour to the next level and further grow her business, she turned to Hagopian Ink. Focused on teaching yoga and building socially conscious communities of yoga practitioners and healers around the world, Twee wanted visual branding that included ideas of oneness and interconnectedness through a vast ocean.

Front and back views of the Twee Yoga business card, with a tesselated pattern made from the logo
Our business card design fused water ripples and tribal elements to highlight the serenity of yoga and the community-building aspect of Twee’s work.
Twee Yoga waterfall inspirational imageTwee Yoga inspirational image
Direct mail pieces featuring inspirational quotes and images of Twee Merrigan supported Twee Yoga’s unique brand identity.

The logo and accompanying business cards and direct mail pieces we created for her used a combination of tribal inspiration and water ripple imagery to reflect the community aspect of Twee’s work and blues and greens as the primary colors to convey a sense of serenity, fluidity and strength.

Twee Yoga Brochure front and back views
Postcards for Twee Yoga’s Spiritual Globalization tour struck a balance between engaging visuals and informative content.


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