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Greetings for a Bright New Year

Christina Hagopian  /   Jan 7, 2016  in  Studio News    
Hagopian Ink holiday candle

Custom Candle Design for a Bright New Year

How do you send thanks to your top clients, colleagues and friends and stand out in a crowded holiday mailbox? This year, we designed a festive illuminating package to celebrate the new year. We created a radiating pattern to reflect the shimmering light of a candle, and brought it to life through various applications – a custom candle design, foil stamped matchbooks, and a textured card.

Ignite, Create, ShineIgnite, Create, Shine
Our candles included a custom label and insert, reflecting upon the illuminating pattern throughout.
custom candle design
Our matchbooks featured an intricate foil stamp, which shines from every angle.
custom candle design
custom candle design
custom candle design
We are honored to receive a 2016 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA for this holiday promotion.

Christina Hagopian

Creative Director and President Christina Hagopian is known for her hands-on, approachable and meticulous approach, becoming a trusted resource to her clients, collaborators and contemporaries since launching Hagopian Ink in 2002.Christina holds a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University. With 20 years of experience, Christina is an active and well-respected contributor to the New York City design and entrepreneur communities.

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